MESSAGE MENTOR - Let's Brand You With a Book
YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA - Let's Brand It & Make it Bankable
Aspiring Authors, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs…

It's time to write your book and I'm ready to help you! 

Are YOU Ready to Write That Book in Your Heart and Mind and Need HELP from start to finish?

Have you been thinking about writing a book but don’t know where or how to begin?

Are you ready to tell your story, inspire the world and see your name in print?

Would you like to finally say you are a published author, write a best-seller 
and add more money to your bank account?

Do you need step by step support and guidance to write it, design it, 
publish it, promote it, market it and sell it?

When you enroll in Brand You With A Book you will…

  • Learn how to bring your idea to life, write your book without overwhelm, confidently get it done and publish a product you are proud of, thrilled about and one that sells.
  • Discover how to establish your unique writing voice and develop a style sheet to produce the book of your dreams.
  • Get creative and innovative ideas to create a book title that attracts and speaks to your target audience.
  • Learn how to structure your book to provide your readers with a logical and inspirational reading experience.
  • Get personalized feedback on the chapters of your book to ensure you are on the right track and boost your writing confidence.
  • Learn how to write a book that establishes you as a brand thought leader and go to expert in your field.
  • Discover how to get the right person to write the right foreword for your book.
  • Learn how to get endorsements for your book before and after it is published. 
  • Learn how to create your Amazon profile and prepare your book for a Kindle version.
  • Discover how to maximize your book and leverage it for more impact, influence, opportunities and income.
  • Learn how to become your own publisher and manage book fulfillment and customer distribution.
  • Receive ongoing support and mentoring throughout the program to stay inspired, write with clarity and passion, push through writer’s block and get it done.

​The Brand You With A Book program is most effective when you are highly passionate about your message, you are internally driven to achieve your goals and totally ready to step up, take responsibility and do the work to write your book and publish it in 10 weeks no matter what!

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in the Next Brand You With A Book Program!
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