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​You Are Here to BE SIGNIFICANT! 

​Over and over, again, you say “yes” to the unpredictable, splendid, agonizing, wondrous, journey called life. One minute you’re riding the heart-wrenching roller coaster and in the next moment you’re on easy street going with subtle ebbs and flow of the Merry-Go-Round. Back and forth between the two predictable extremes… this is how you’re living out your dash. 

You are trapped in the Life Happens Amusement Park. The clowns in your life are acting a fool. Life is playing impossible games on you that you just can’t seem to win. You know there’s got to be more than the smoke and mirrors and the expected craziness of the carnival.  

Well here’s the truth. 

You are born. You live. You die. – This is the final destination for you. You have no choice in this undesirable ultimate ending. It’s destiny. 

But… you do have a choice in how you fulfill your living destiny! You have the power to choose who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to experience in the dash, the precious time between life -- and -- death. 

I invite you to choose how your living destiny will be fulfilled. - It’s time for an alternative experience; One that’s remarkable, refreshing, rewarding and life-changing! 

Here’s your invitation…

Come with me on a soul journey to remember what you’ve forgotten. You see, your greatness, your purpose and your REAL reason for being alive is not hiding from you - it's hidden within you! 

Say “yes” to my invitation to forever leave the “Life Happens Amusement Park,” and embark on an inspirational adventure to ignite what you deserve, desire and dream about. 

Say “yes” the most thrilling and fulfilling part of the journey… Unleashing Your Significance!

There’s so much more to what you perceive as your life. There’s something marvelous outside the confines of the Life Happens Amusement Park you’ve been existing in.

I don’t know what you’ve been through, what you’re going through or where you’re headed, but, I invite you to take a detour to discover your destiny. 

What you see in your life right now is NOT your destiny. It's not the final outcome! -- Unless you BELIEVE it is all it will be, and all that you deserve. 

You may not have it all or have it all together. It may look like you'll never get ahead. It may look like the world is against you. It may look like your turn is never going to come. It may not look like your work is producing a harvest.

I know you’ve been striving for success. Winning sometimes and feeling utterly defeated other times. I know you’ve been chasing cash and in hot pursuit of big pay days and promotions. And, I know there have been moments that you’ve been tired, frustrated and overwhelmed more times than you can count every step of the way. Success is a wonderful experience and great accomplishment, but there’s something more nourishing for you to experience… 

There’s more for you. There’s more for you to be, do and have.

Today, I invite you to step outside of the perspective that life is just happening to you, and into a panoramic view of what’s limitlessly possible. 

Your destiny is waiting for you! 

There’s no more time to waste! You don’t need permission or approval. It’s your life and it’s 100% up to you, how you live it. What will the legacy of your life dash be? How will you be remembered? What mark are you going to leave in the world? 

One day you’ll take your last breath without warning. Who are you going to be and how will you live in the dash between life and death? 

Come on this journey with me to unshackle your greatness, re-discover your purpose, Unleash Your Significance and Activate the Audacity to Be All You Are Destined to Be. 

Let’s go! Lace up your destiny shoes, be bravely audacious and let’s create 
some marvelous, meaningful magic! -- Your Destiny! 
"An insightful, inspirational and insatiable 
message that will 
ignite your 
dreams and
your destiny
You have multi-dimensional magic within you 
and it's time to activate your 
significance and amplify your magnificence!"

Catriceology: New Book Unleash Your Significance by Catrice M. Jackson | Your Destiny Is Waiting for You
"There’s a bigger purpose for YOUR life. There’s undeniable greatness within you. There’s something magnificent for you to do in the world. You matter. You have value. You’re HERE for a special reason; a divine assignment that only YOU can complete."
"What an awakening message! - I got as much out of Unleash Your Significance as I have from books written by Joel Goldsmith, Wayne Dyer and Iyanla Vanzant. It is lovingly written as Catrice soulfully shares personal experiences that pushed her into self-reflection, growth and healing. She candidly shares valuable ways to break through the inner barriers that stunt our ability to flourish and provides real strategies to help us move past our personal paralysis. This book should be required reading for everyone in all the professional schools primarily for the life preparation and healing properties it provides." -- Robin Tillotson - CEO/Chief Cultural Officer | This I Do For Me 
"Catrice shares an eye-opening message on discovering your life purpose and unleashing your significance into the world. Her thought provoking questions allows the reader to apply a self-examination, in order to get to the bottom of where they currently are in life. Her transparency about her personal journey allows the reader to easily identify with her struggles and successes. She empowers the reader to know their worth and helps them to recognize their significance!" -- Felicia Lucas, Minister, Author, Speaker and CEO of His Glory Creations 
Catriceology: New Book Unleash Your Significance by Catrice M. Jackson | Your Destiny Is Waiting for You
- Activate the Audacity to Be All You Are Destined to Be - 
Catriceology: New Book Unleash Your Significance by Catrice M. Jackson | Your Destiny Is Waiting for You
You were born. - You will die.  
“Unleash Your Significance is beautifully and powerfully written like the words of Joel Goldsmith, 
Wayne Dyer and Iyanla Vanzant.” - Robin Tillotson
"I am a true believer that everyone has greatness inside of them – that we all exist to fulfill something unique in the earth. The dash between our birth date and death date should have significance. The world should know that we were here by the impact that we had. With that, this book is in perfect alignment with what God is doing in this season. It’s time for the masses to unleash their significance. No more hiding in the bleachers, it is time for us all to step on our stage, whatever that stage looks like, and be who He has called us to be. I encourage you to get the book and take action. Your destiny awaits, come on let’s do this!" -- Anita Clinton, Minister, Author & Speaker, Be Great Ministries 
"Making life changes can be tough. There is no time for self-doubt, blame or regret. Her relevant, insightful and inspirational message will shake you up and empower you to transform your life. Catrice’s sense of humor and straight talk is refreshing and reads like having a conversation with a close friend. She helps you recognize that living out your destiny is what’s next for you!" -- Dana Mallon, Trauma Recovery Strategist, Soulfit Women
"A daring, delightful, dream-come-true destiny is not only for the elite; you can create a deliciously fulfilling destiny when you refuse to accept what life dishes out and instead own your greatness and activate your magnificence.  Unleash Your Significance daringly offers you 10 Actions to Activate Your Destiny and Live Your Dream. Discover how to remember, re-ignite, and fulfill your purpose, intimately dance with your destiny, and say YES to what you deserve, desire, and dream about. Catrice empowers you to unshackle your undeniable greatness, live your dream, make your mark and create your legacy!"


Chapter 1:   Your Destiny Is In The Dash – Clarity 
Chapter 2:   Searching For Your Significance – Discernment 
Chapter 3:   Creating the Capacity for Your Calling – Courage 
Chapter 4:   Your Soul Knows the Way – Truth & Trust 
Chapter 5:   Tap Into Your Full Potential and Unlock Your Calling – Belief 
Chapter 6:   Money, Meaning & Making a Difference – Meaning  
Chapter 7:   Slow Down to Speed Up Your Significance – Harmony 
Chapter 8:   The Audacity to Be You – Audacity 
Chapter 9:   Create Your Own Magic – Magic 
Chapter 10: Be All You Are Destined to Be – Destiny 

Each chapter inspires you to ACTIVATE, clarity, discernment, courage, truth, trust, belief, meaning, harmony, audacity and magic to fulfill your destiny. 

*Also Includes: 50 Ways to Be More Courageous,  
                                             Keys to Unleash Your Destiny Questions, and 
                                                                                               Design Your Destiny Exercises*

"Understanding and embracing your purpose is one of the most self-actualizing aspects of living. If you are ready to Unleash your Significance the exercises and content help you identify, acknowledge, embrace, and cultivate your life’s purpose so that you can truly start living. This book will open your ears so you can hear the divine whispering of your purpose and open your heart so you can accept it. Unleash Your Significance is engaging, empowering and timely." 
-- Dr. Eboni Ivory Green, Co-Founder Caregiver Support Services 
Unleash Your Significance challenges you and teaches how you to... 

  • Shift your focus and energy towards striving for significance vs. success. 
  • Remember and re-ignite your unique purpose in the world.  
  • Redefine what a significant life looks and feels like for you.
  • Release the toxicity in your life, dump the junk and remove the bricks from your life lid.
  • Have radical belief in your brilliance and raise your deserve level to experience what you want. 
  • Think different so you can be and live daringly different. 
  • Know the difference between your ego's voice and your soul's voice and trust your soul ALWAYS knows the way to your destiny. 
  • Use your inner magic to create a life that's meaningful and prosperous.
  • Slow down and trust your unique magnificence.
  • Fiercely love yourself and fearlessly and unapologetically be your true self. 
  • Maximize your greatest gifts and use them to serve the world. 
  • Say a full body, hell yes to everything you are and to courageously living your dream and fulfilling your unique divine destiny.  

live your dream, fulfill your destiny and significantly serve the world! 
Catriceology: New Book Unleash Your Significance by Catrice M. Jackson | Your Destiny Is Waiting for You

"An Enlightening. Delightful. Transformative. Splendid. Soul Adventure." 

Unleash Your Significance offers you 10 Actions to Activate Your Destiny and Live Your Dream. Discover how to remember, re-ignite, and fulfill your purpose, activate radical belief, daringly design your destiny dash, and unshackle your undeniable greatness