Catrice M. Jackson | Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Mental Health Practitioner 
Mental Wellness MENTOR for Parents & Professionals 
think well. be well. live well. 

Growth, change, transformation, healing and success first begins in your mind. When your thoughts are clear, intentional and healthy, you can begin to create a new reality and experience life in the way you desire. 

Before you can "be" well in your soul - you must be well in your mind. Mental wellness is essential for living your most rewarding life and necessary to fulfill your destiny. 

​I'd love to help you think well, be well and live well. Choose from one of the mental wellness options below and let's start your mental wellness journey. 
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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - think well. be well. live well. 
Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Tired and Fed Up 
In Your Business? 

Need a time out, want to step away, take a break and go on a mind-retreat away from business just for a moment? A mind retreat is perfect for you if you are are overwhelmed, confused and frustrated in your business right now. If "life" is interfering with your business success let's talk. 

If you know it’s time to step away from the stress of business and take a time out for you to release, relax, clarify and recharge your soul — let’s talk! - 

Schedule your 60-minute session and take a mind retreat from all of the business stress. 
Got A Lot Going On or Just Need Some 
Clarity, Direction and Support? 

Deep down inside you know what you need or want to do, but maybe you need some support or clarity to take your next destiny step. Or maybe your plate is too full, your feeling doubtful, or just got a lot going on and you need to release some mental stress.  

Let's clear out the clutter, reduce some of your stress and develop your next step in the journey towards your destiny. 

Schedule your 45-minute mindset transformation session today! 
Sad, Anxious, Confused or Struggling 
with Your Mental Health? 

Are you experiencing constant, consistent or critical sadness, anxiety or depression? Do you feel like you lack or are losing control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions? Do you think you need a mental health intervention or want to explore mental health therapy but don't know where to begin? If you believe your mental health is at risk or you need assistance in accessing mental health services and need some guidance, 

Schedule a 30 minute session with me to take the next best step towards relief and mental wellness. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information, resources, tips and tools shared on this website and or during individual mental wellness sessions and other communication vehicles (text, email or group messages), is provided as self-help information, and should NOT be used to replace specialized the training and professional judgment of a health care or mental health care professional. PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND AGREEMENTS BEFORE SIGNING UP. 


think well. be well. live well. 


I have over 15 years of extensive experience in effectively working with individuals and groups from all walks of life with varying backgrounds and personal challenges to include: post-traumatic stress, domestic violence, sexual assault, depression, addictions and everything in between. Mental wellness is critically necessary in order to live a full, free and fulfilling life. 

EVERYONE deserves to be well and live well. I'm passionate about helping make this possible for as many people as I can. Check out what I'm offering and if it feels right for you, let's get started on your mental wellness journey. Don't let SHAME stop you. Your mental wellness matters. 
HELP SOMEONE ELSE - think well. be well. live well. 
support. buy. donate. 

You already know that MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS and the truth is people often cannot afford to get the essential help they need. I plan to help as many people as I can and in order to do that I NEED YOUR HELP. Here's how you can show your support for mental wellness. 

SUPPORT | BUY : Support mental health awareness by purchasing one of #BeBrave Bravelets below. Green is the color for mental wellness but you can choose any color you want. For each Bravelet purchased $10 will go into a mental wellness fund to provide education, training and scholarships to help reduce the stigma around mental health and provide opportunities for others to receive mental wellness services.

DONATION: Make a donation in the amount of your choosing to contribute to the mental wellness fund. Your funds will be used to provide scholarship assistance to those in need. 

You can also support by sharing and referring this service to your friends, family and colleagues. We appreciate your support and contribution. Please take action today to help others thin, be and live well. Thank you! 

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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - think well. be well. live well. 
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