12 Weeks of Group Coaching, Mindshift Mentoring, Destiny Coaching Calls and Life Design Tools to Empower You to Unleash Your Significance and Audaciously Be All You Are Destined to Be  

12- Week Course Starts on Thursday October 6, 2016 - Ends on December 30, 2016 
*All coaching calls will be from 7-8 PM CST.* ALL calls are recorded. 
2 monthly group coaching calls on Thursday nights - 7-8 PM CST
24/7 access to a private Facebook support group 
Weekly Design Your Destiny exercises
Personal Mentoring to help you create your destiny.
Weekly training videos: 10 Steps to Activate Your Destiny 

This is NOT a passive program. You will be leaping outside of your comfort zone and DOING the work you need to do to live your dreams and fulfill your destiny.  

12 Life Changing Weeks of... 

Putting YOU unapologetically first. --- Silencing your inner critic.

Clearing away the junk for more joy. --- Getting clear about what you desire.

Stepping out of sabotage & struggle. --- Releasing what no longer serves you. 

Feeling and doing what you love. --- Igniting ideas & turning them into income.

Having fun and experiencing fulfillment. --- Saying YES to your purpose. 

Reviving & activating your dreams. --- Creating your destiny dash plan. 

Designing your dream life. --- ​Taking daily action to LIVE your destiny!
Your information is kept private and the transaction is secured. All sales are final and non-refundable. Once payment is received you'll receive a 
confirmation email with the next steps to get started. 

This is beta-course therefore ALL payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is also an introductory fee of $297. The regular fee for this course is $997. PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a BETA program, seating is limited. If you DO NOT choose to continue in the program you will STILL be required to finish your payments. Please be sure you are ready to invest in this beta-program. 

I'm only taking 20 participants into this PROGRAM  
-- Claim your spot now before the course fee goes to full price in 2017. --
10 Steps to ACTIVATE Your Destiny and Live Your Dream!
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"Don't wait any longer - Activate your destiny and live the life you want to live!" 
“You have the power to create the life you want to experience right now." 

Don't WASTE Any More Time - Whatever You Want, You Not Only 

Partner with me for 90 days and let's make it happen!   

Believe, Become, and Be Who You're Destined to Be! 


✔ You have dreams but don't know how to make them a reality. 
✔ You're tired of living to work and working jobs you hate just to make money. 
✔ You're not happy with yourself or your life right now. 
✔ You know there is MORE for you to be, do, have, and experience. 
✔ You finally want to discover your purpose and live it. 
✔ You have special gifts and talents but don't know how to maximize them.
✔ You've want to leave your job to start a business or pursue a dream. 
✔ You feel like you are settling and just letting life happen to you. 
✔ You want to get rid of the toxic people in your life, set boundaries and finally live on your terms. 
✔ You feel like you're just getting by with no real vision, plan or direction. 
✔ You need need clarity, confidence and courage to say yes to living a life you love. 
✔ You feel stuck. You know what you want {or need help discovering what you want} but you don't know how to make it happen. 

You are born. You will Die. How you LIVE between the dash is up to you. 
It's time to take responsibility and create your DESTINY DASH!

I invite you to Design Your Destiny Dash in 90 Days! 


Implement the 10 Steps to Activate Your Destiny  
3 PAYMENTS - $97
"I am absolutely glad I enrolled in the 90-Day Activate Your Destiny Program! In all honesty, I was a bit hesitant, initially. Mainly because there is so much "noise" in the Coaching space, and it can be challenging to discern who can really coach at a high performing level. Well girlfriend, you are the 'Real Deal Holyfield!' I so love your directness, your frankness, your insight and knowledge, and the way you dig deep to help your clients get to their desired outcomes. Right now, I am so on fire and owe a big hand of gratitude to you Catrice. You revived me! It's a daily walk and I am so glad I'm walking it. All this in six weeks! It can only get better! Thanks Catrice." --Cynthia Hutson
"I believe firmly in everything that Catrice does, puts together and puts out into the world. She's absolutely amazing and this program seriously delivers. If you're willing to roll up your sleeves, do the nitty gritty work - and DIG DEEP - this program can be truly as life changing as you're willing to let it be. --I was ready to dive in and truly discover my destiny and fully activate it. I'll admit - at first, I only put a toe into the pool...after the first 1-2 weeks of the program, Catrice's guidance and the amazing space she created for our group to work together in, I really started seeing changes and noticing things showing up that made me VERY excited to know that the work I'm doing is totally working and propelling me ever-faster toward my destiny." -- Dortha Hise
"I've worked with Catrice in a previous program and I'm very pleased with the progress I've made towards achieving my goals. When I learned that Catrice was offering this 90-day program, I was super excited because I've experienced great results in other programs she's offered. There is something to be said for a program that is led by a person who has experience and knowledge about various clinical theoretical frameworks, along with a balance of mother wit. I have two goals right now; planning to live abroad and establishing a weight loss program. Catrice's extensive knowledge of Psychodynamic, behavioral and cognitive approaches have allowed me to blossom into a new and transformed person. Her approach is balanced, steady and she offers endless ways to help you through difficult moments. I recommend this program for anyone who feels stuck in old patterns, needs a jump start for moving ahead and for those who are already moving toward their goals, but need to be challenged and empowered." - Robin Tillotson

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